Why Now?

When it comes to baptism, the question is often not “Why Now?” but “Why Not?”

We are preparing for our upcoming Easter Baptism, and every year I have numerous conversations with people about whether or not it is the “right time” to get baptized. My perspective: The moment you make the decision to follow Jesus Christ is the right time to get baptized. It’s about obedience. If we want to follow him, that’s the first step we take.

Many times, we make baptism about us. When is the right time? When is the right environment? When will I feel good about it? There’s often a desire to “get my act together” before getting baptized. Or a hope that we can “make this whole Jesus thing stick” before we get baptized. I think that’s backwards.

Baptism is not about us doing something for God. It’s about recognizing what God has already done for us. Baptism is not an opportunity for us to get wet to prove to God that we love him. It’s a picture of new life God has raised us to in Christ. We don’t wait until we get our act together to make sure the Jesus thing sticks or that we are in a place where we are right with God. We follow immediately– it’s an act of obedience and surrender to and identification with Christ.

In Acts 8, the Ethiopian man was captivated by Isaiah and the fulfillment of its promise in Jesus Christ. His response: “Look! There’s some water! Why can’t I be baptized?”

If you’ve made the decision to follow Christ, the time is now. Why not?

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